33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
September 20, 2021
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The Election Dance
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Side A

1.   Albert Collins: Blue Monday Hangover – 1980
2.   David McCallum: It Won’t Be Wrong – 1968
3.   The Band: Just Another Whistle Stop – 1970 *
4.   The Byrds: I Wanna Grow Up To Be A Politician – 1971
5.   Cream: Politician – 1968
6.   Borealis: Politician – 1973 *
7.   Lorne Lofsky & Ed Bickert: The Cupbearers – 1985 *
8.   Russ Gurr: Fifteen Prime Ministers – 1971 *
9.   Hamish Imlach: Fine Old Tory Times – 1972
10. The Kinks: Young Conservatives – 1983
11. Twenty-Three Skidoo: Just Like Everybody – 1982
12. Graham Townsend: Lester Pearson Clog – 1967 *
13. The Brothers-In-Law: The Parliament Game – 1967 *
14. Mendelson Joe: Deemo-Crassy – 2012 *
15. Rush: New World Man – 1983 *
16. Ben Mink: Talk Is Cheap – 1980 *
17. The Doors: Been Down So Long – 1971

Side B

1.   Frank Sinatra: Come Dance With Me – 1959
2.   Raffi: Water Dance – 1980 *
3.   R Dean Taylor: At The High School Dance – 1960 *
4.   Darryl Dukeshire: All You Want To Do Is Dance – 1981 *
5.   Cedric Smith & Richard Keelan: Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance – 1969 *
6.   Simply Saucer: Dance The Mutant – 2011 *
7.   The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Catfish Mud Dance – 1970 *
8.   Mark Haines & The Zippers: Come On, Let’s Dance – 1988 *
9.   Kate & Anna McGarrigle: Dancer With The Bruised Knees – 1977 *
10. Men Without Hats: The Safety Dance – 1982 *
11. Kevin Head: Dance Hall Girls – 1974 *
12. Isle Aux Morte Boys: Newfie Square Dance – 1987 *
13. Sly & The Family Stone: Dance To The Music – 1969
14. The Trashmen: The Bird Dance Beat – 1965
15. The British Modbeats: Land of A Thousand Dances – 1967 *
16. Lani McIntire & His Aloha Islanders: I Found A Little Grass Skirt – 1954
17. The Beatles: I’m Happy Just To Dance With You – 1964
18. Micky Katz: Litvak Square Dance – 1958
19. Washboard Sam: Do That Shake Dance – 1993
20. The Fall: Psykick Dance Hall – 1979
21. Ken Stanley: Crazy Rhythm – 1962 *
22. The Ramones: Do You Wanna Dance – 1977

CanCon = 56%

And Now for The Particulars

Side A

1.   Albert Collins: Blue Monday Hangover
(Deadric Malone / Gilbert Caple)
Frostbite: Alligator Records AL 4719
Leona Texas
Albert Collins: guitar, vocal
Johnny Gayden: bass
Casey Jones: drums
Marvin Jackson: guitar
Allen Batts: keys
A.C. Reed: sax
Produced by Bruce Iglauer, Casey Jones and Dick Sherman, 1980
Recorded at Curtom Studios, Chicago by Eddie B Flick

Albert Gene Drewery (b. Leona TX Oct 1, 1932 / d. Nov 24, 1993 Las Vegas NV) (61)

Albert Collins was known as The Iceman of the Blues, thus the name Frostbite for this album. All his later, Alligator Records albums were so named:
1978: Ice Pickin' (Alligator AL-4713)
1980: Frostbite (Alligator AL-4719)
1983: Don't Lose Your Cool (Alligator AL-4730)
1986: Cold Snap (Alligator AL-4752) - with Jimmy McGriff
1991: Iceman (Point Blank/Virgin VPBCD-3; 91583; 86197; 39194)

He usually played his Telecaster with a capo on the seventh fret, resulting in a searing, ice-cold bluesy sound which was his trademark.

2.   David McCallum: It Won’t Be Wrong
(Roger McGuinn / Harvey Gerst)
Music: A Bit More Of Me: Capitol Records – ST 2498
Glasgow SL
David McCallum: conductor, arranger
HB Barnukm: arranger
Produced by David Axelrod, 1968
Recorded by Joe Polito

David Keith McCallum Jr. b. 19 September 1933 (88), Maryhill, Glasgow, Scotland

As a classically trained musician, McCallum conceived a blend of oboe, English
horn, and strings with guitar and drums, and presented instrumental
interpretations of hits of the day. This song, in particular, was partly written by lead Byrd Roger McGuinn. McCallum played Napoleon Solo’s adorable sidekick, Illya Kuryakin on The Man From
UNCLE 1964-68. Such was the popular hysteria surrounding him that he was
referred to in newspaper reports at the time as ‘the blond Beatle’. While playing Kuryakin, McCallum received more fan mail than any other actor in the history of MGM

3.   The Band: Just Another Whistle Stop
(Richard Manuel / Robbie Robertson)
Stage Fright: Capitol Records SW 425
Toronto ON
Levon Helm: drums
Jamie Robbie Robertson: guitar
Richard Manuel: vocal, hammond Organ
Rick Danko: bass
Garth Hudson: keys, brass, woodwinds
Produced by The Band, 1970
Recorded by Todd Rundgren at Woodstock Playhouse, Woodstock NY
Mixed by Glyn Johns

Election stops along railroad tracks used to be called Whistle Stops which remained popular well into the 1970s, before TV and jet planes as well as emerging media platforms brought different strategies into campaigns.
4.   The Byrds: I Want To Grow Up To Be A Politician
(Roger McGuinn)
Byrdmaniax: Columbia Records - KC30640
Los Angeles CA
Roger McGuinn - guitar
Gene Parsons - drums
Skip Battin - bass
Clarence White - guitar
Produced by Terry Melcher & Chris Hinshaw, 1971
Recorded by Chris Hinshaw, Eric Prestidge & Glen Kolotkin

James Roger McGuinn b. July 13, 1942 (age 79) Chicago

Roger McGuinn again from the first Byrds album without any of the other original members left in it, other than McGuinn.

5.   Cream: Politician
(Jack Bruce / Pete Brown)
Heavy Cream: RSO 2671 102
London UK
Ginger Baker: drums
Jack Bruck: bass, keys
Eric Clapton, guitars
Produced by Felix Pappalardi and Robert Stigwood, 1972
Originally produced by Felix Pappalardi, 1968
Recorded by Bill Halverson, Ardian Barber, Tom Dowd, Damon Lyon-Shaw
Originally from the LP Wheels of Fire – 1968

6.   Borealis: Politician
(Paul Bradbury)
Sons of the Sea: Audat Records – 477-9025
St. John’s, NL
Mark Bradbury: vocals, bass
Paul Bradbury: vocals, organ
Wayne Sturge: guitar
Dave Hillier: drums
Produced by Mac Feeney, 1973
Recorded at MUN Studios, Memorial University, St. John’s

This was the 1st “all original” LP by a Newfoundland rock band. In fact, this was their only LP. Borealis only stayed together less than 2 yrs. Guitarist Wayne Sturge later went on to co-author the first comprehensive look-back book, Rock & Roll Comes to Newfoundland and Labrador, to help ensure that so much of the history of Rock & Roll on the Island remains available to researchers and historians.

7.   Lorne Lofsky & Ed Bickert: The Cupbearers
(Tom McIntosh)
The Quartet of Lorne Lofsky and Ed Bickert and Friends: Unisson Records DDA-1002
Toronto ON / Hochfeld, Manitoba
Lorne Lofsky: guitar (left channel)
Ed Bickert: guitar (right channel)
Neil Swainson: bass
Jerry Fuller: drums
Produced by Bill Hemmerick and Ted OReilly, 1985
Recorded by Ted OReilly, Phil Sheridan and Joe Finlan at McClear Place Studios, Toronto

Lorne Lofsky b. May 10, 1954 (67) Toronto
Edward Isaac Bickert b. Hochfeld MB  Nov 29, 1932 / d. Feb 28, 2019 (86) Toronto

8.   Russ Gurr: Fifteen Prime Ministers
(Russ Gurr)
Federal Grain Train: Rodeo SRLP 7119
Brandon, MB
Russ Gurr: vocal, guitar
Studio Musicians not listed
Produced by John Hildebrand, 1971
Recorded by John Hildebrand at Century 21 Studios, Winnipeg MB
Arranged and Conducted by Dave Shaw

How many Prime Ministers has Canada had? 23.

9.   Hamish Imlach: Fine Old Tory Times
Fine Old English Tory Times: Much Records CHB 8013
Motherwell, Glasgow, Scotland
Hamish Imlach: vocals, guitar
Allan Barty: fiddle, mandolin, electric guitar
Iain MacKintosh: whistle, banjo, concertina, guitar
Mike Whellans: harmonica, percussion
Tom McGrath: piano
Archie Fisher: bass, acoustic guitar, bg vocals
Produced by Terry Brown, 1972
Recorded by Billy Lyall at Craighall Studios, Edinburgh

Hamish Imlach b. 10 February 1940 Calcutta, India / d. 1 Jan 1996, Motherwell, Scotland (55)

10. The Kinks: Young Conservatives
(Ray Davies)
State of Confusion: Arista Records AL8-8018
London UK
Mick Avory: drums
Dave Davies: lead guitar
Ray Davies: rhythm guitar, lead vocal
Jim Rodford: bass
Ian Gibbons: keys
Produced by Ray Davies, 1982
Recorded by John Rollo and Damian Korner at Konk Studios, North London
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisc, NYC
Recorded by John Rollo & Damian Korner, October 1982 at Konk Studios, Hornsey, London
Released 19 November 1982

I’m not a Conservative: never was, never will be. This is the only song I know that explains the dilemma of being a young conservative, written by a man who had no use for them.

11. 23 Skidoo: Just Like Everybody
(Terry / Tony / David)
Tearing Up The Plans: Fetish Records No Serial
Fritz Catlin
Tom Heslop
Peter "Sketch" Martin
Sam Mills
Alex Turnbull
Johnny Turnbull
Produced by Genesis P-Orridge and Peter Christopherson, 1982
Recorded by  Ken Thomas

23 Skidoo is not a snowmobile: an American slang phrase popularized during the early 20th century. It generally refers to leaving quickly, being forced to leave quickly by someone else, or taking advantage of a propitious opportunity to leave, that is, "getting out while the getting's good.  "Seven Songs" was recorded and mixed in three days

12. Graham Townsend: Lester Pearson Clog
(Graham Townsend)
Salutes Canada’s Prime Ministers 1867-1967: Banff Records SBS 5275
Toronto ON
Graham Townsend: fiddle
Dougie Trineer: bass
Joe Brown: guitar
Produced 1967
13. The Brothers-In-Law: The Parliament Game
(Alec Somerville)     
Exposé ’67: Arc records – 257
Windsor ON
Larry Reaume, guitar
Bob Lee, bass
Alex Somerville, banjo
Produced by Arc Records, 1967

Three Windsor, Ontario cops who did this on the side. They put out several album for Arc Records in the 1960s. They were into satire and used it on songs about The Pill, The RCMP, elections and the Canadian government. On this particular cut, they used the air of a well-known Newfoundland folk song, Squid Jiggin’ Grounds: “Oh this is the place where the fishermen gather…”

14.  Mendelson Joe: Deemo Crassy
(JB Mendelson)
Canuckian: Ind.
Emsdale, ON
Mendelson Joe: guitar, foot, vocals
Produced by Mendelson Joe, 2012
Recorded by Andre Wahl
Mastered by Brock Fricker
http://www.mendelsonjoe.com/ or mailto:info@karenrobinsongallery.com

Long a critic of stupidity, Mendelson Joe tells it like it is (to him). In the 2015 election I played a song of his called ‘Stephen Harper Hates Your Children, and Dictator to name a few.

15. Rush: New World Man
(Peart / Lee / Lifeson)
Signals: Anthem Records ANR-1-1038
Neil Peart: drums
Geddy Lee: synths, bass, vocals
Alex Lifeson: guitars
Produced by Rush and Terry Brown, 1983
Recorded and mixed at Le Studio, Quebec by Paul Northfield
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Master Disc, NYC

The first thing that hit me while listening to this was Pierre Elliot Trudeau – the New World Man. I don’t know if this song is even about Pierre or anybody else but that’s the way it’s always spoken to me.

16. Ben Mink: Talk is Cheap
(Ben Mink)
Foreign Exchange: Passport Records: PB-2024
Toronto ON
Ben Mink: violin, mandolin, guitars
Allan Soberman: bass
Martin Deller: drums
Cameron Hawkins: synths
Mendelson Joe: electric guitar
Produced by Allan Soberman, 1980
Recorded by Danny Lanois at Grant Avenue Studio, Hamilton ON
Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound, NYC

Benjamin Mink b. Toronto January 22, 1951

Mink got his start performing with the rock group Mary-Lou Horner, which became the house band at Toronto’s  "The Rockpile" nightclub. They got to open for Led Zeppelin and Muddy Waters, along with being a backup band for Chuck Berry.

Mink was a member of Stringband, played in Murray McLauchlan's Silver Tractors and replaced Nash The Slash in FM. He is best known as a long-time collaborator with Canadian singer k.d. lang, whom he met at Expo '85 while doing a gig with CANO.

Mink was invited to play electric violin on the Rush song "Losing It" from the band's 1982 album Signals and contributed strings to "Faithless" from the 2007 album Snakes & Arrows. He also co-wrote, produced and played guitar on Geddy Lee’s solo album ‘My Favourite Headache’ (2000).  He’s appeared on albums by Barenaked Ladies, Anne Murray, Dan Hill, Mendelson Joe, Prairie Oyster, Raffi, Jane Siberry, Ian and Sylvia Tyson, Valdy, Bruce Cockburn, Murray McLauchlan, Willie P. Bennett, Susan Aglukark, Alison Krauss, Feist, Daniel Lanois, Sarah McLachlan, Roy Orbison, Elton John and Heart.

Ben Mink is one of few people to ever share a songwriting credit with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. In 1997 Mink and k.d. lang were credited as songwriters on the Stones single "Anybody Seen My Baby?". Mink and Lang were given credit before the song was released after Jagger/Richards realized the chorus was very similar to lang’s song "Constant Craving", written with Ben Mink in 1992

17. The Doors: Been Down So Long
(The Doors)
L. A. Woman: Elektra Records EKS-25011
Los Angeles CA
Jim Morrison: vocals, tambourine
Ray Manzarek: first rhythm guitar
Bobby Krieger: slide guitar
John Densmore: drums
Jerry Scheff: bass
Marc Benno: second rhythm guitar
Produced by Bruce Botnick and The Doors, 1971
Recorded at The Doors Workshop, LA

From their last LP with Morrison, this was a back to the basics ‘real’ Doors again, playing the blues like when they first started out.

Side B

1.   Frank Sinatra: Come Dance With Me
(Sammy Cahn / Jimmy Van Heusen)
Come Dance With Me: Capitol Records W 1069
Hoboken NJ
Frank Sinatra: vocals
Billy May Orchestra
Produced by Dave Cavanaugh, 1959
Recorded at Capitol Studio A,  Hollywood CA December 1958
Released January 5, 1959

This album was Sinatra’s best seller, spending over 2 yrs on the Billboard charts. It won Album of the Year at the Grammy’s in 1960 as well as providing Sinatra with a Grammy for Best Vocal Performance for a Male and Billy May for Best Arrangement.

2.   Raffi with Ken Whiteley: Water Dance
(Raffi Cavoukian)
Baby Beluga: Troubador Records TR-0010
Vancouver BC
Raffi: guitar, vocals
Ken Whiteley: mandolin
Bruce Cockburn: guitar
Grit Laskin: dulcimer, accordion, pennywhistle, long-neck mandolin
Produced by Raffi & Ken Whiteley, 1980
Recorded by Daniel Lanois at Grant Avenue Studios, Hamilton ON
Mixed by Raffi, Ken Whiteley & Daniel Lanois
Half-Speed Mastering by George Graves at Lacquer Channel, Toronto

3.   R Dean Taylor Combo: At The High School Dance
(R D Taylor)
45 single bw How Wrong Can You Be: Amy-Mala Records AM-1
Toronto ON
R Dean Taylor: keys:  vocals
Others Unlisted
Produced 1960
Recorded at Audio-Masters Studio

Richard Dean Taylor b. Toronto May 11, 1939

After trying to start a career here in Toronto, Taylor moved to Detroit in the mid-1960s and was signed as a songwriter and recording artist for Motown subsidiary V.I.P. label. His songs were eventually covered by everyone from Marvyn Gaye to the Supremes, Four Tops, Neil Young and the Mynabirds, Bloodstone, Rick Danko, The Fall, Jackie DeShannon, Golden Earring and Gladys Knight. His most successful single was the melodramatic Indiana Wants Me, which was spiced with various effects and climbed to No. 5 in the US.

4.   Darryl Dukeshire & Maple Ridge: All You Want To Do Is Dance
(Daryl Dukeshire)
45 Single: CTC Records – no serial no.
Timmins ON
Darryl Dukeshire: guitar, vocals
Garnet Sinker
Bruce Rolls
Produced by Rick Lightheart, 1981
Recorded at 42nd St Studio, Hamilton ON by Rick Lightheart
5.   Cedric Smith / Richard Keelan: Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance
(Frank Zappa)
From reel to reel tape: unreleased
Stratford ON
Cedric Smith: vocal, guitar
Richards Keelan: vocal, guitar
Produced from tapes of David Woodhead – August 1969

6.   Simply Saucer: Dance The Mutant
(Edgar Breau)
Baby Nova: Schizo Phrenic Records SCHIZ #79
Hamilton ON
Edgar Breau: vocals, guitars
Kevin Christoff: bass
Joe Csontos: drums
Steve Foster: guitar
Daniel Wintermans: guitar
McKinley Jackson: piano
Produced by Jeff Maier, 2011
Recorded by Jim Diamond at Ghetto Recorders, Detroit
Additional overdubs by Steve Foster at Napier Park Studio, Hamilton
Mixed at The Launch Pad, Detroit by Jeff Meier

7.   The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Catfish Mud Dance
(M Melvoin / M Taylor)
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly at the Horsehoe Tavern: Vintage Records SCV-113
Toronto ON
Mickey Andrews: sho-bro, steel guitar
Randy McDonald: bass
Gerry Hall: acoustic guitar
Roy Penny: lead guitar
Johnny Green: drums
Art Snider: keys, vibes
Produced by The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, circa 1970
Recorded at Sounds Canada by Glenn Clarke with Art Snider
Cover photos: Michael Ormos

8.   Mark Haines & The Zippers: Come On, Lets Dance
(Mark Haines)
In The City: Stony Plain Records SPL 1121
Kingston ON / Souris PEI
John Sheard:   Keyboards
Mathew Gerard:   Bass
Ashley Mumford:   Electric Guitar
Kevin MacKenzie:   Drums
Brian Leonard:   Vocals
David Blamire:   Vocals
Mark Haines: Vocal
Produced by Declan O’Doherty, 1988
Recorded at Phase One Studios, Toronto by Randy Staub, Joe Primeau, Earl Torno and Darren Millar

Mark Haines played in Spriggs and Bringle (with Colleen Petersen) in Kingston, Ont, in the early 1970s. Late 70s, played in bluegrass band Black Creek based in Toronto with Steve Goldberger. Formed Mark Haines & The Zippers in the early 80s and released two good albums on Holgar Petersen’s Stony Plains Records. Mark formed the Haines & Leighton duo with Tom Leighton late 80s and went on to release albums for Borealis Records. They basically stopped functioning when Mark moved with his family to Prince Edward Island around 2000.

9.   Kate & Anna McGarrigle: Dancer With The Bruised Knees
(Anna McGarrigle)
Dancer With Bruised Knees: Warner Bros BS 3014
Montreal QC
Kate McGarrigle: vocal, piano
Anna McGarrigle: vocals
Tommy Morgan: harmonica
Richard Davis: bass
Produced by Joe Boyd, 1977
Recorded by Glen Berger at A&R Studios, New York City; Tim Hewlings at San Quebec, Montreal; Steve Ham at Le Studio, Morin Heights QC
Mixed by John Wood and Dennis Dragon

Recorded over a dozen albums together. This is from their second release.
They were welcomed into the Order of Canada in 1993.

10. Men Without Hats: Safety Dance
(Ivan Doroschuk) 
Rhythm of Youth: Statik Records STAT 10
Montreal QC
Ivan Doroschuk, vocal, electronics, guitar, percussion, keys
Stefan Doroschuk, guitar, violin
Allan McCarthy, electronics, piano, percussion
Produced by Marc Durrand, 1982
Recorded by Dixon Van Winkle at Listen Audio, Montreal, January March 1982

They achieved their greatest popularity in the 1980s with "The Safety Dance", a worldwide Top Ten hit.  The Doroschuk brothers, who were born in Champaign, Illinois, had moved to Montreal with their parents as young children. Formed MWOH in 1977. Chose their name from refusing to wear hats during Montreal's cold winters, calling themselves "the men without hats." Disbanded in 1991 but reformed in 2010

11. Kevin Head: Dance Hall Girls
(Allen Fraser)
No Frills: Shellout Records 50-101
Kingston ON / Ketch Harbour NS
Kevin Head: guitar, vocals
Bruce Chapman: piano
Jinx O’Neil: bass
Ron Doug Parks aka RDP: drums
Ken Pearson: organ
Kate McGarrigle: banjo, accordion
Louis Benoit: mandolin
Gordon Stobbe: fiddle
Chaim Tannenbaum: harmonica
Dick Snook: sax
Scott MacMillan, Dave MacIssac, Wade Brown: guitar

Produced by Kevin Head, 1974
Recorded by Al Feeny and Lindsay Kidd at Audio Atlantic Studios, Halifax
Mixed by Kevin Head & Ken Pearson

Originally from Nova Scotia, he was first billed as The Original Salt Cod Cowboy. Currently Kevin lives in the Kingston area, writing, performing and teaching, living rurally, planting trees, collecting old Volvos, and howling at the moon. According to him. His last output was a CD called Kevin Head LIVE! in 2013.

12. Isle Aux Morte Boys: Newfie Square Dance
(Freeman Walters)
My Newfoundland Shore: World WRC1-5525
Isle Aux Morte NL
Keith Ball: lead vocals, guitars ( died March 1, 2002)
Joshua Skinner: Lead Guitar, accoustic guitar
Freeman Walters: accordion, harmonica
Raymond Osmond: drums, woodblock
Barry Coleman: bass
Produced by Sim Savory, 1987
Recorded by Sim Savory at Sims Studio, Belleoram NL

Began as Ocean Fancy in 1973. 1978 became Leftover Band. 1987 Freeman Walters joined and they changed their name again. The town from which they took their name is located on the southern shore of Newfoundland on the Harbour Le Cou road from Port-Aux-Basques.

13. Sly & The Family Stone: Dance To The Music
(Sylvester Stewart)
Greatest Hits: Epic records KE 30325
San Francisco CA
Sly Stone: vocals, organ, guitar, piano, harmonica, and more
Freddie Stone: vocals, guitar
Larry Graham: vocals, bass guitar
Rose Stone: vocals, piano, keyboards
Cynthia Robinson: trumpet, vocal ad-libs
Jerry Martini: saxophone
Greg Errico: drums
Little Sister (Vet Stone, Mary McCreary, Elva Mouton): backing vocals
Produced by Sly Stone, 1969

Sylvester Stewart b. March 15, 1943 Denton, TX

Active from 1967 to 1983

They were the first major American rock band to have an "integrated, multi-gender" lineup. In the preface of his 1998 book “For the Record: Sly and the Family Stone: An Oral History”, Joel Selvin sums up the importance of Sly and the Family Stone's influence on African American music by stating "there are two types of black music: black music before Sly Stone, and black music after Sly Stone" The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993.

14. The Trashmen: Bird Dance Beat
(George Garrett)
45 rpm single bw A-bone: Apex Records (Canada) 76904
Minneapolis MN
Tony Anderson: lead guitar
Dal Winslow: guitar
Bob Reed: bass
Steve Wahrer: drums, lead vocals
Produced by George Garrett, 1964

Started out as Jim Thaxter & the Travelers.

The Trashmen formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1962. The group's original lineup was Tony Anderson on lead guitar and vocals, Dal Winslow on guitar and vocals, Steve Wahrer (d. 1989 cancer age 47)  on drums and vocals, and Bob Reed on bass guitar. After a trip to California 1962, The group played surf rock which included elements from garage rock. The Trashmen's biggest hit was 1963's "Surfin' Bird", which reached No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the later part of that year. The song was a combination of two R&B hits by The Rivingtons, "The Bird's the Word" and "Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow". The earliest pressings of the single credit the Trashmen as composers, but following a threat from The Rivingtons' legal counsel, that group was subsequently credited as composers. The early single was credited solely to the drummer and singer, Steve Wahrer...Bird Bath is an adaptation of the Revels instrumental Church Key

15. The British Modbeats: Land of A 1000 Dances
(Chris Kenner)
Mod........Is The British Modbeats: Red Leaf Records - RED 1002 - vinyl
St. Catherines / Grimsby, ON
Fraser Loveman: vocals
Joe Colonna: bass
Robbie Jeffrey: drums
Greig Foster: guitar
Mike Gorgichuk: guitar
Produced by Stan Klees, 1967

They were really known as The Modbeats but the record company, wanting to capture what was left of the British Invasion, dubbed them British Modbeats. (They later changed back to just Modbeats). This was produced by the same Stan Klees who founded the Juno Awards (as the Maple Leaf Awards) and RPM trade magazine.

Land of 1000 Dances was a major hit for Wilson Pickett in 1966. What’s most interesting about this song is that it was written around one flat 7th chord.

Christopher Kenner (December 25, 1929 - January 25, 1976) was an R&B songwriter living in Louisiana.

16. Lani McIntire & His Aloha Islanders: I Found A Little Grass Skirt
Lani McIntire & His Aloha Islanders EP: Royale Records – 1815
Honolulu, Hawaii
Lani McIntire: hawaiian guitar
Produced 1954

Lani McIntire (sometimes spelled Lani McIntyre, 15 December 1904 - 17 June
1951) was a Hawaiian guitar and steel guitar player who helped to
popularize the instrument, which eventually became a mainstay in American
country and western music. He played frequently with his brothers — steel
guitar legend Dick McIntire and bassist Al McIntire.

McIntire achieved fame playing with Sol Hoopii in his "Novelty Trio"
before heading his own acts, "Lani McIntyre and his Aloha Islanders" and
later, "Lani McIntyre and his Hawai'ians." His work with Jimmie Rodgers
pioneered the Hawaiian guitar sound that laid the foundation for the steel
guitar as a standard country instrument, influencing the likes of Hank
Williams and Elvis Presley.

17. The Beatles: I’m Happy Just To Dance With You
(Lennon / McCartney)
A Hard Day’s Night Soundtrack: United Artists Records UAL 3366
Liverpool UK
George Harrison: lead vocal, lead guitar
John Lennon: backing vocal, rhythm guitar
Paul McCartney: backing vocal, bass
Ringo Starr: drums:  African drum
Produced by George Martin, 1964
Recorded at Abby Road Studio 2, London UK by Norman Smith
First Published in Canada July, 1964

The song has been recorded by Cyrkle, Anne Murray, Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings and The Smithereens. It was written by L&M specifically for George Harrison to sing at a time when he lacked the confidence to compose his own material. It was the first Beatle song recorded on a Sunday! It appeared on A Hard Day’s Night as well as Something New.

18. Micky Katz: Litvak Square Dance
(Mickey Katz)
Mickey Katz Plays Music For Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs & Brisses: Capitol Records T1021
Cleveland OH
Mickey Katz: vocals
Produced 1958

Meyer Myron Katz b. Cleveland, Ohio, June 15, 1909 / d. April 30, 1985 (75) Los Angeles

A Jewish American singer and comedian, Katz was accused of making stereo-typical sketches of Jews while popularizing Jewish music and humor. He was very successful in the late 1940s and 50s, recorded several albums that sold very well.

19. Washboard Sam: Do That Shake Dance
Washboard Sam Vol 6: 1941-1942: Document Records DOCD 5176
Washboard Sam: washboard, vocals
Ransom Knowling: double bass
Big Bill Broonzy: guitar
Roosevelt Sykes: piano
Frank Owens: alto sax
Produced by Johnny Parth, 1993
Remastered By Gerhard Wessely

Robert Clifford Brown b. Walnut Ridge, Arkansas July 15, 1910 / d. Nov 6, 1966 Chicago (56)

In 1935, he began recording in his own right for both Bluebird and Vocalion Records, becoming one of the most popular Chicago blues performers of the late 1930s and 1940s. By the 1950s, his audience had begun to shrink, largely because he had difficulty adapting to the new electric blues. His final recording session, for RCA Victor, was in 1949. He retired from music for several years and became a Chicago police officer. Died of heart failure.

20. The Fall: Psykick Dance Hall
(Craig Scanlon / Marc Riley / Mark Smith)
Dragnet: Step-Forward Records SFLP 4
Manchester UK
Mark E Smith: keys:  kazoo:  vocals
Steve Hanley: bass
Marc Riley: guitars
Craig Scanlon: guitar:  piano
Mike Leigh: drums
Kay Carroll: bg vocals
Produced by The Fall and Grant Shobiz, 1979
Recorded at Cargo Studios, Rochdale UK by John Breirley

Formed in 1976, The Fall are UK’s most prolific band from the punk rock era, having released 32 studio albums! This song is from their second LP. Having hated what the producer did to their first album, instead of a good clean sound, the band wanted it rough around the edges. It’s sound is described as being muddy and lo-fi, so much so, that the recording company they used (Cargo Studios) asked that the band not use their name on the album cover, thinking it would scare away potential customers.

21. Ken Stanley Orchestra: Crazy Rhythm
(Irving Caesar / Joseph Meyer / Roger Wolfe Kahn)
Ken Stanley at the Piccadilly Club: Everybody Dance! – Arc Records – 524
Toronto ON
Ken Stanley: piano
Jack Bond: trumpet
Danny Stevenson: also sax, clarinet
Gordon Stewart: tenor sax
Bill Pomfret: bass
Roy Edmunds: drums
Produced by Dan Bass, 1962

Kenneth Warriner b. Liverpool UK 1924 / d. Toronto 1993

He emigrated to Canada and was a professional musician (Under the stage name Ken Stanley), record producer and radio personality. After emigrating to Canada in 1955, he led the Ken Stanley Band at the Piccadilly Club in Yorkville, and many other bands/trios until the late 80's. He was musical director of CTV’s  'The Pig and Whistle Show' TV show in the 70's, worked with many British Music Hall artists throughout his career. He wrote for the Britannia magazine and guest-hosted Ray Sonin's 'Calling All Britons' radio show on CFRB.

(Sonim was the first person to play a Beatles song on the radio in North America – Love Me Do in December 1962, before it was even released here.)

In the 1960s, Warriner, working as a music producer, wanted to record an RCMP band performing O Canada the the country’s centennial but the American Federation of Musicians forbid it since the band were not members of the union. He argued that American military bands recorded their national anthem and the union claimed: “yes, but that was cultural.” They refused to allow this so Warriner did it anyway. This was covered in Billboard Magazine.

Warriner produced albums by Walter Ostanek, The Hart House Glee Club, The Brothers-In-Law, The Metro Stompers, Billy Meek and The Pig & Whistle cast.

22. The Ramones: Do You Wanna Dance
(Bobby Freeman)
Rocket To Russia: Sire Records M5S 6042
Joey Ramone: lead vocals
Johnny Ramone: guitar
Dee Dee Ramone: bass
Tommy Ramone: drums
Produced by Tony Bongiovi and Tommy Ramone, 1977
Recorded by Ed Stasium and Don Berman at Media Sound, Manhattan
Mastered by Creg Calbi

The third studio recording and the last with the original line-up as Tommy Ramone left the following year to concentrate on being a producer. He was replaced by Marky Ramone (aka Marc Bell).

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