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Highlights of The First Five Years

The Great North Wind had stopped blowing in June and for the first time in 12 years I had a summer off. No band, no radio program: free at last!

And then a funny thing happened on the way up north: I got the idea for another program, something different, something more like me. I had been up to a friend's cabin in Bala doing some writing. It was a very basic place with an outhouse and wood stove. Then I went to Quebec to visit with some friends in the Laurentians. Jean-Claude had a cabin on a mountain without electricity or running water. He hooked his CD player up to a 12 volt battery. And life was good and simple there. A great place to retreat to from the rigors of this world of urban wonders.

When I returned to Toronto I was told that if I wanted a program I would have to start in two days time. Okay! That meant getting some kind of name for this program from a cabin. When in doubt, visit your fiddle albums (if you've got any); fiddle tunes have great names and surely one would be suitable for what I was thinking of doing. I have a few hundred Canadian fiddle albums in alphabetical order but never got past the A's. Because there was Ward Allen's LP with a tune like Maple Sugar. It took me no time at all to phone the program director and tell him the name of the new show. Thus, Back To The Sugar Camp was born.

From the very beginning, I used Ward's tune as the theme.

Sugar Camp Guests in 1999

Playlist for October, 14, 1999 ­ Program #1

WARD ALLEN: Back To The Sugar Camp (W. Allen)
Ward Allen Presents Maple Leaf Hoedown Vol. 3: Sparton Records SP 213 ­
circa 1961

MARK HAINES & TOM LEIGHTON: La Cardeuse (trad)
Optimists Jig: HL0297 ­ 1997

LOST FOREVER Jeanine’s Dream (D. Connette)
Lost Forever: Nonesuch 79447-2 ­ 1997

MICHAEL HASEK: Nottawasaga (M Hasek)
Hasek: NAJA 1901 ­ 1999

FRED EAGLESMITH: Alternator (F Eaglesmith)
50 ­ Odd Dollars: Razor & Tie Records 7930182843-2 ­ 1999

RON SEXSMITH: The Boatman (Davey Johnston)
The Great North Wind - Live @ CIUT ­ September 1988

OCTOBER BROWNE: Naked & Small (O Browne)
October Browne: unreleased - 1999

OCTOBER BROWNE: The Gate (O Browne)
October Browne: unreleased - 1999

LA BOTTINE SOURIANTE: Ciel d’automne (A Brunet)
X: Mille-Pattes MPCD-2040 ­ 1998

BLUES GITAN: Minor Swing (D Reinhardt / S Grappelli)
La route de la soie: no label ­ no number ­ Sept 1999

DENIS LAJEUNESSE: Un Si Jazz (D LaJeunesse)
Le Temps Présent: no label ­ 98-2 ­ 1998

TED HAWKINS: Fade To Black (M Knopffler)
Music For 2:47 am: TH97CD1 ­ 1997

PIERRE SCHRYER & DERMOT BYRNE: Ríl Gan Ainm: Larry Og (L. Redigan) / Ríl Gan Ainm (trad) / Reel For Carl (J Holland)
2 Worlds United: New Canadian Records NCCD-9612-8 ­ 1999

Things fell further into place on the second broadcast. I dug up a tape recording that I had made in 1990 of a CPR freight barreling down the tracks near Bala, Ontario. I was laying down about a foot away from the tracks with my walkman and the recording suffered only minor wind damage - nearly perfect. Since the second program the train has become a ritualistic character at the Sugar Camp.

October 21, 1999 - Program #2
Guest: October Browne

OJNAB: Juice d'orange (JP Loyer)
Ojnab: Le Messager: Ojnab Musique DC0-01 - 1995

YVES LAMBERT: Secret des chevaliers (Y Lambert)
Les Vacances de Monsieur Lambert: Mille-Pattes MPCD 3334 - 1998

LA BOTTINE SOURIANTE: Un air si doux (trad arr x Jean Fréchette)
Xieme: Mille-Pattes MPCD 2040

LA BOTTINE SOURIANTE: Ami de la bouteille (trad arr x La Bottine)
Xieme: Mille-Pattes MPCD 2040

Hey Boss Man: Charly Records CRM 2011 - 1981

DENNIS GOMO: Four-Track Blues
Nippising: DG222 - 1999

OCTOBER BROWNE: Faithless (O Browne)
October Brown - released Oct 24, 1999

OCTOBER BROWNE: Holiday Romance (O Browne)
October Brown - released Oct 24, 1999

OCTOBER BROWNE: Govinda (O Browne)
October Brown - released Oct 24, 1999

NORM HACKING: Richer For The Time (N Hacking)
The Great North Wind - Live @ CIUT – September Oct 24, 1988

The Train: The CPR
Recorded by Steve Fruitman

GREAT NORTHERN: Just One Time (T Eccles)
Low Lonesome: Great Big Tater Records GBT 471 - 1999


October 28, 1999 - Program #3
Telephone Interview: Mike McKenna (ex of Mainline)


LENNY BREAU: Lenny’s Mood (L Breau)
Cabin Fever: True North Records / Guitarchives TNSD 0138 - 1997

TROUT FISHING IN AMERICA: Alberta Postcard (K Grimwood / E Idlet)
Closer To The Truth: Trout Records TRT-14 - 1999

DAVID WOODHEAD: The Moose With Wings (D Woodhead)
Sweets And Conundrums: Woodhead Music WM001

AENGUS FINNAN: Fool’s Gold (A Finnan)
Fool’s Gold: Shelter Valley Productions SVP01 - 1999

Stink: Capitol/EMI C2 0777 7 26590 2 6 - 1969 (reissue)

OLIVER SCHROER: Dance For A New Beginning (O Schroer)
O2/Solo Fiddle: Barking Dog Music BD9901CD - 1999

From The Inside Out: Reta Ceol Productions RCD 99 - 1999

BELIVO: Mouth of the Tobique (trad)
Generations: Alta Musica - BEL 001 - 1999

BRIAN HEBERT: Sassy’s Jig (B Hebert)
The Timber Train Collection: Shaggy Mane Music SMCD 9907

ERIN BENJAMIN: I Didn’t Think So (E Benjamin)
Monster In My Heart: Baby Hugh Productions BHPCD002

RON SEXSMITH: Time To Come Home (R Sexsmith)
Live on the GNW: September 5, 1988

DAVID WHITFIELD w/ MANTOVANI and his ORCHESTRA: Cara Mia (Trapani / Lange)
Cara Mia: London Records LL 1417 - circa 1955

Playlist for November 4 - Program #4
Interview with Paul Mills (who wore a skinny markink jacket up to the camp)

PHILLIPE GAGNON: Le Vin (reel) (trad arr. P Gagnon)
La Garouine, C'est Comme L'enveloppe de Tes Yeux...: Polydor GU 2424.079 - 1973

PHILLIPE GAGNON: Un Jeune Avocat (trad arr. P Gagnon)
La Garouine, C'est Comme L'enveloppe de Tes Yeux...: Polydor GU 2424.079 - 1973

SCRÜJ MacDUHK: The Northern Set - Anderson's Reel / Alan MacPherson of Dunbarton /  The Man From Bandoran (trad arr by Scruj MacDuhk)
The Road To Canso: Ind - SM003 - 1999

THE WAKAMI WAILERS: Camp At Hoovers Lake (trad)
River Through The Pines: Imakaw Records CD-003 - 1999

STAN ROGERS: The Puddler's Tale (S Rogers)
From Coffee House To Concert Hall: Fogerty's Cove Music FCM 012D - 1999

STAN ROGERS: Music In Your Eyes (Willie P Bennett)
From Coffee House To Concert Hall: Fogerty's Cove Music FCM 012D - 1999

STAN ROGERS: Take It From Day To Day (S Rogers)
From Coffee House To Concert Hall: Fogerty's Cove Music FCM 012D - 1999

BILL GARRETT: Solitaire (E Shizgal)
Seems To Me: Borealis Recording Company BCD 117

BETH FERGUSON: For You, Johnny (B Ferguson)
Inside Talking: North Track Records EF-002-2 - 1999

BETH FERGUSON: Remember Me (B Ferguson)
Inside Talking: North Track Records EF-002-2 - 1999

STAN ROGERS: Acadian Saturday Night (S Rogers)
From Coffee House To Concert Hall: Fogerty's Cove Music FCM 012D - 1999

Playlist for November 11- Program #5

MICHAEL OCCHIPINTI: Fathead (M Occhipinti)
Surrealist Blues: True North / Auracle Records TNSD 0168 - 1988

BRIAN BLAIN: The TV Shuffle (B Blain)
Who Paid You To Give Me The Blues?: Extracurricular Interactivities - 1999

BRUCE COCKBURN: Deep Lake (B Cockburn)
Breakfast In New Orleans...: True North Records TND 0183 - 1999

DAVID WOODHEAD: Summers At Rangeley Lake (D Woodhead)
Sweets & Conundrums: Woodhead Music WM001 - 1999

KIM BARLOW: Humminah (K Barlow / K Elliot)
Humminah: Caribou Records CRCD006 - 1999

JOHN ECCLESTON: God Is Watching Me (J Eccleston)
Other Lies: Ind - No Serial No - 1999

GLEN REID: Circle of Song (G Reid)
Wildcats Howlin': Royston Road Music RRM99CD02 - 1999

GLEN REID: Crimson & Gold (G Reid)
Wildcats Howlin': Royston Road Music RRM99CD02 - 1999

Caught By The Tail: Holmespun Music HMCD01 - 1999

AL BRISCO: Appledale Ride (A Brisco)
Pickin' Up The Dust: Appledale Music CDAM-800 - circa 1998

ANNE WALKER: Rainwater (A Walker)
Live at CIUT on the Great North Wind - Nov. 28, 1988

AIMÉ GAGNON: Reel Desjarlais (Andy Dejarlis)
Aimé Gagnon violoneux d'origine: D & Y Gagnon GAGCD26421

THE RHYTHM & TRUTH BRASS BAND: This Train (trad arr by R&TBB)
Fife'n'drum: True North / Auracle Records TND 0187 - 1999

Playlist for November 18- Program #6
Guest: Sir Richard Flohil

SLIM GAILLARD: The Dirty Rooster (S Gaillard) - 1942
If It Ain't A Hit I'll Eat My...: Zu Zazz Records (mid - 80s) ZCD 2009

THE BONZE DOG BAND: Jazz, Delicious Hot, Disgusting Cold (Bonzo Dog Band)
The Intro: EMI UK - 99556 - 1992

D. DON BOWMAN: Willan & Waylee (D Bowman)
Six Pack Vol 1: Lonestar/Mercury L4600 - 1978

DAVID ALLAN COE: You Never Even Called Me By My Name (S Goodman)
For The Record: Columbia 39605 - cira mid-70s

GARTH BROOKS: Right Now (C Wheeler / C Powers)
Chris Gaines Greatest Hits: Capitol 20051 - 1999

STEELEYE SPAN & PETER SELLERS: New York Girls (trad arr by Steeleye Span)
Commoner's Crown: Chrysalis 1071 - 1975

PHYLLIS DILLER: Satisfaction (Jagger / Richards)
Golden Throats 2: Rhino Records RL 71007 - 1973

SEBASTIAN CABOT: It Ain't Me Babe (B Dylan)
Golden Throats 1: Rhino Records

JIMMY REED: Tribute To A Friend (J Reed)
Jimmy Reed: Paula Records PCD 8 - 1966

ELVIS PRESLEY: Don't Be Cruel (Imitation) (E Presley)
The 1 Million Dollar Quartet: Bootleg Recording - 1956

JERRY LEE LEWIS: Big Blue Diamond (E.K. Carson)
Jerry Lee Lewis (From box set): Bear Family Records DFX 1529 - 1987

MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS: Annie's Song: Farewell to John Denver (J Denver)
Fulfilling A Contractural Obligation: Polygram 12216 - 1980

JACKIE WILSON & LAVERN BAKER: Think Twice (Version X, late 1950s)
If It Ain't A Hit I'll Eat My...: Zu Zazz Records (mid - 80s) ZED 2009

SOLOMON BURKE: Presents For Christmas (S Burke)
King Solomon: Atlantic / Koch 8016 - 1968

Playlist for November 25- Program #7
Guest: Marcelo Puente

COMPAÑEROS: Tupamaros (M Theodorakis)
Compañeros: Ind / no serial - circa 1981

MARCELO PUENTE: Cuando Me Veas Llegar (When I Arrive) (M Puente)
Mares y Barrios (Oceans and Neighbourhoods): Puente-Espil Productions MPCDTHRS 230647 - 1999

MARCELO PUENTE: Valparaiso (M Puente)
Mares y Barrios (Oceans and Neighbourhoods): Puente-Espil Productions MPCDTHRS 230647 - 1999

MARCELO PUENTE: Barrios (Neighbourhoods) (M Puente)
Live In Studio

MARCELO PUENTE: Camino A La Luna Llena (Road To The Full Moon) (M Puente)
Mares y Barrios (Oceans and Neighbourhoods): Puente-Espil Productions MPCDTHRS 230647 - 1999

JAMES KEELAGHAN & OSCAR LOPEZ: Spanish Is A Loving Tongue (C B Clark, Jr / M Williams)
Compadres: Jericho Beach Music 9701-2 - 1997

DEL VEZEAU: Twistin Gypsy (D Vezeau)
Paradigm: no label / no serial - 1999

GLAMOUR PUSS: Businessman (R Cormier)
Blues du Jour: GPCD 002 - 1999

World Premier:
GRIEVOUS ANGELS: 22 Trailer Park (C Angus)
22 Trailer Park: Jimmy Boyle Records / no serial - 1999

World Premier:
GRIEVOUS ANGELS: Jessie's Room (C Angus)
22 Trailer Park: Jimmy Boyle Records / no serial - 1999

BENJI: These Wheels (T Slimmon / L Melville)
Benji II: DROG Records CD 068 - 1999

Playlist for December 2 #8

SHARLENE WALLACE: Still Life: Bound Branches (S Wallace)
Journey of Shadows: SWCD002 - 1998

LAURA REPO: Frozen (L Repo)
Mountain of Me: Repo Girl Records RGR CD 101 - 1999

BLACKIE & THE RODEO KINGS: Summer Dreams, Winter Sleep
Kings Of Love: True North TND 0180 - 1999

PENNY LANG: When The Wind Blows (B Snider)
Some Body Else: She Wolf Records SWPL 9901-02

LENNY BREAU: Muskrat Ramble
Boy Wonder: Guitarchives/True North - TNSD 0172

BURNING SKY: Celebration Song
Enter The Earth: 1998

BO WATSON: (White Buffalo Calf) Pipe Carrier (B Watson / M Hill)
Opening Moves: BW 0043 - 1999

Murmurs of the Millenium: Promo CD EK-001 - 1997

Un Pied Mariton: Bonanza B-29710 - circa 1975

CATE FRIESEN: Late In The Evening (C Friesen)
Joy's Disorder: Wide-Eyed Music WEMD 004 -1999

OLIVER SCHROER: Whistle In the Dark (O Schroer)
02: Barking Dog Music BD9901CD - 1999

DAVID FRANCEY: St. Johns Train (D Francey)
Torn Screen Door: Laker Music LKR-1001 - 1999

SALAMANDER CROSSING: The Last Iron Horse (D Dick)
Bottleneck Dreams: Signature Sounds SIG-1244

CPR Train
Recorded by Steve Fruitman - 1990

TIM HARRISON: Train Going East (T Harrison)
Tim Harrison: Second Avenue Records SAS 2005 - 1999

So between shows 8 & 9 I decided to continue presenting Porcupine Awards. It had been customary to present these Awards shows in early December and since I had been doing them for a decade, I saw no reason to stop just because I had a new show. However, I was going through confusion of a dual radio mentality, not knowing what the Sugar Camp really was yet and still presenting Awards for a half year of programming the Great North Wind. The following year, 2000, I figured out how to incorporate the Porcupines into the new Sugar Camp format.

See Porcupine Awards

December 16 -  #9
Guest: Dennis Gomo, bluesman

Last show of the year, century, millennium, before xmas, before new years,
before all the terrible things that they predict are going to happen don't actually happen. This is it.


JIM McHARG'S METRO STOMPERS: Sugar - no credits
Thumbs Up: Arc Citation Series ACS 5016 - circa 1968

LA BOTTINE SOURIANTE: Le réveillon du jour de l'an - trad arr. by La Bottine
Tout comme au jour de l'an: Mille-Pattes / EMI MMPCD-2035 - 1987/93

TRANBY CROFT: No Change In The City - P. Floyd
Demo CD: unreleased promo copy CDR - 1999

THE GRIEVOUS ANGELS: Millennium Blues - C. Angus
22 Trailer Park: Jimmy Boyle Records JB-22 - 1999

DENNIS GOMO: When The Time Comes - D. Gomo
Nippising: Dennis Gomo Records DG222 - 1999

DENNIS GOMO: There's Only Love - D. Gomo
Live In Studio

DENNIS GOMO: Robert Johnson Medley - p.d. arr by D. Gomo
Live In Studio

KATHERINE WHEATLEY: Snowmobile Suit - K Wheatley
Habits And Heroes: Hoot Music Company HMCCD-001 - 1999

CHUCK BRODSKY: On Christmas I Got Nothing - C Brodsky
Radio: Red House Records RHRCD 119 - 1998

RICK WHITELAW: Train Train - R Whitelaw
Polishing The Stone: RW 1 - 1999

CPR Train time

NIGHT SUN: A Camel In Nunavut - B. Dawson / E Hamilton / N Erkloo
One Moment of Grace: Borealis Recording Company BCD121 - 1999

I spent the winter holidays (and the change into the new millennium) in the UK, only to return three weeks later in a year that started with 20.

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