33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
January 29, 2018

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Hour One

1.   The Shirelles: Boys (Luther Dixon / Wes Farrell) 1960
2.   Roy Orbison: Where Is Tomorrow (Orbison / Dees) 1966
3.   Strawberry Alarm Clock: Incense and Peppermints (J Carter / T Gilbert) 1967
4.   Argent: Hold Your Head Up (Rod Argent / Chris White) 1973
5.   Golden Earing: Radar Love (Kooymans / Hay) 1973
6.   Hedgehoppers Annonymous: It’s Goodnews Week  (Jonathan King) 1965
7.   1755: UIC (Ralph Williams / Pierre Robichaud) 1978 *
8.   The Haunted: Eight O’clock This Morning (Bob Burgess / Allan Birmingham) 1966 *
9.   Brian Hebert: Sassy’s Jig (Brian Hebert) *
10. Connivence: Le Boyau en Liberte (The Gut Feeling) (Steve Burman) 1977
11. The Mohicans: Indian Song  (The Mohicans) circa 1963 *
12. Left Banke: Evening Gown (Mike Brown / T Feher) 1967
13. Peter Mathieson: Yonge Street (Peter Mathieson) 1977 *
14. Larry Fast: Synergy 1975
15. Fire Engines: Get Up And Use Me (Burn / Henderson / Main / Slade) 1980
16. Edmundo Ros & Orchestra: Chocolate Whiskey and Vanilla Gin (Mysels / Hilliard) 1955

Hour Two

1.   Ultravox: Mximum Acceleration 1978
2.   Robert Fripp & League of Gentlemen: Eye Needles (R Fripp) 1981
3.   Guess Who: Laughing (Burton Cummings / Randy Bachman) 1969 *
4.   David Bromberg: Bandit In A Bathing Suit (D Bromberg) 1978
5.   Downeast Partners: Smoke Along The Track (Alan Rose / Don Helms) 1987
6.   Wilno Express: Mike Culhain of Rockingham (Barney McCafferey) 1981 *
7.   Loggins & Messina: Nobody But You (Jim Messina) 1971
8.   Gene Autry: Back In The Saddle Again (Gene Autry / R Whitley) 1967
9.   Jude Johnson: Rhythm In My Soul (Jude Johnson) 1984 *
10. Move: Brontesaurus (Roy Wood) 1970
11. Walter Ostanek Band: Could I Have This Dance (W Holyfield / B House) 1982 *
12. Don Brose & The Chords: Koncking On Heaven’s Door (Bob Dylan) 1975 *
13. The Fugs: Life Is Strange (Tuli Kupferburg) 1968
14. Beginners Guide To Endings: I Found Out  (Chris Koster) 2012 *

CanCon = 35%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   The Shirelles: Boys (Luther Dixon / Wes Farrell)
Beatle Originals: Rhino Records RNLP 70071
Passaic NJ
Addie "Micki" Harris,
Shirley Owens,
Beverly Lee,
Doris Coley
King Curtis: sax
Produced - 1960
Compilation Producer: Richard Foos & Gary Stewart 1986
Audio Remastering: Bill Inglot

Aka The Poquellos active between 1957-82
B Side of Will You Love Me Tomorrow

2.   Roy Orbison: Where Is Tomorrow (Orbison / Dees) 1966
45 single bw Twinkle Toes: London Records (UK) HLU-10034
Vernon TX
Roy Orbison: guitar, vocal
Produced by Wesley Rose, Jim Vienneau 1966
Recorded by by Val Valentin

Roy Kelton Orbison (April 23, 1936 Vernon TX - December 6, 1988 Hendersonville, TN)

The B Side of hit song Twinkle Toes taken off of his 1966 album The Classic Roy Orbison. It would be Orbison's last US top-forty single during his lifetime. It was recorded by Val Valentin who had a six decade long career as a recording engineer. He recorded some early Mothers of Invention as well as recordings of The Velvet Underground, Count Bassie, Eric Burdon, Buddy Rich, Colman Hawkins, Gene Krupa and tons of others.

3.   Strawberry Alarm Clock: Incense and Peppermints (J Carter / T Gilbert)
45 single bw The Birdman of Alkatrash: Uni Records 55018
Los Angeles
Lee Freeman – rhythm guitars, harmonica, vocals (1967–1971, 1982–2008; died 2010)
Ed King – lead guitars, bass, vocals (1967–1971, 2007)
Gary Lovetro – bass
Greg Munford – lead vocals
Gene Gunnels – drums, percussion, vocals
Mark Weitz – keyboard, vocals
George Bunnell – bass, rhythm guitars, vocals
Steve Bartek – guitars, flute
Produced by Frank Slay and Bill Holmes 1967

During recording sessions for "Incense and Peppermints", the band expressed a dislike for the song's lyrics (written by John S. Carter), so the lead vocals were sung by a friend of the band, Greg Munford, who was attending the recording session as a visitor. The regular vocalists in the band were relegated to providing background and harmony vocals on the record. Band members Mark Weitz and Ed King were both denied songwriting credits by producer Frank Slay, despite the fact that the song was, at least partially, built on an instrumental idea of Weitz and King's. King would go on to greater fame as a member of the 1970s Southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd.

4.   Argent: Hold Your Head Up (Rod Argent / Chris White)
45 single bw It’s Only Money Pt 1: Epic Records – S EPC 4321
London UK
Russ Ballard: vocals, guitar
Rod Argent: keys
Jim Rodford: bass
Bob Henrit: drums
Produced by Rod Argent and Chris White 1973

James Walter Rodford (b. St Albans, Hertfordshire UK, 7 July 1941 – 20 January 2018 )

Rodford was instrumental in helping his younger cousin Rod Argent form the Zombies in 1964. Along with Rod Argent, Rodford was one of the founding members of Argent. Later performed in a band called Animals II, fronted by three ex-members of The Animals: John Steel, Hilton Valentine and Dave Rowberry.

5.   Golden Earing: Radar Love (Kooymans / Hay)
45 single bw Just Like Vince Taylor: Track Record – 2094 116
The Hague NL
Rinus Gerritsen – bass, keyboards, guitar, harmonica
George Kooymans – guitar, vocals
Barry Hay – vocals, guitar, flute, saxophone
Cesar Zuiderwijk – drums, percussion
Produced by Golden Earing – 1973
Recorded at Trident Studios, London

 Golden Earring is a Dutch rock band, founded in 1961
 Radar Love was also covered by REM and U2 – their only major hit

6.   Hedgehoppers Annonymous: Its Good News Week (Jonathan King)
45 Single: Decca F 12241
London UK
Mick Tinsley
John Stewart
Alan Laud
Ray Honeybull
Leslie Dash
Produced by Jonathan King 1965

Formed in November 1963 as The Trendsetters, and became The Hedgehoppers the following year. Jonathan King took over their record production in 1965, and added Anonymous. Band members were Royal Air Force personnel based at RAF Wittering, near Peterborough, England (Hedgehoppers was RAF slang for low-flying planes)

Producer Jonathan King had his own hit in 1965: Everyones Gone To The Moon

7.   1755: U.I.C. (Ralph Williams / Pierre Robichaud)
(Unemployment Insurance Commision)
1755: Presqu’ile  PE 7512
Moncton NB
Kenneth Saulnier: banjo, mandolin, guitar
Roland Dupuis: drums
Pierre Robichaud: guitar
Donald Boudreau: bass, clarinet
Roland Gauvin: guitar, banjo
Produced by André Perreault  1978
Recorded at Studio A, Marko

The band was active from 1975 to 1984
The old name of The Employment Insurance Commission
In February 2008, 1755 received the Dr Helen Creighton Lifetime
Achievement Award for their musical contribution at the East Coast Music Award ceremony
Drummer Roland Dupuis went on to form Moncton based blues-rock band, Glamour Puss Blues Band, who began recording in the 1990s

8.   The Haunted: Eight O'Clock This Morning (B Burgess / A Birmingham)
Quality Records: 1814X
Montreal QC
Bob Burgess, vocals
Pierre Faubert, guitar
Glen Holmes, bass
Jurgen Peter, guitar
David Wynne, drums
Produced 1966

9.   Brian Hebert: Sassy’s Jig (B Hebert)
The Timber Train Collection: Shaggy Mane Music SMCD 9907
Pembroke ON
Brian Hebert: fiddle
Al Brisco – steel
Tim Hermitte –
Dean Lavoy –
Vito Rezza – drums
Shady Nook, ON
Produced by Brian Hebert & Peter SAB Sabourin
Recorded by Ken Hull, North Bay

10. Connivence: Le Boyau En Liberte (The Gut Feeling) (Steve Burman) *
Connivence: Kebec Disc KD 938
Hull QC
Steve Burman: piano, vibraslap
Suzanne Sabourin: violin
Rameau: drums
Produced by Quintin Meek 1977
Recorded by Marc at Listen Audio, Montreal
Mixed at Studio Six, Montreal

More of a collective of musicians than a band. Released 3 lps under this name, all with different groupings of musians whos shared costs and played on each others cuts.

11. The Mohicans: Indian Song (The Mohicans)
The Mohicans: Westar Records WSL 33.103 Mono
Montreal area
Produced for Westar Records circa 1963

This record has no info on it at all. Just a front cover; back cover is adds for other records this company had to offer. Try looking up Mohicans on the net and you get no info back on this band. They were most likely from a reserve close to Montreal coz Westar was a Montreal country in French label.

12. The Left Banke: Evening Gown (Mike Brown / T Feher)
Walk Away Rene / Pretty Ballerina: Smash Records SRS 67088
New York City, NY
Mike Brown, harpsichord, piano
Rick Brand, guitar
Tom Finn, bass
George Cameron, drums
Steve Martin, vocals
Produced by Harry Lookofsky 1967
Recorded at World United Studios & Mercury Studios, New York City between 1965-66

13. Peter Mathieson: Yonge Street (Peter Mathieson)
45 single bw Heaven Help The Fool: Ixtlan Records ILN-1004
Toronto ON
Peter Mathieson: vocal
Produced by Gaye Delorme 1977

A cover of this song was a hit for Raffi. He put it out on his first album, Good Luck Boy in 1975.

14. Larry Fast: Synergy (Larry Fast)
Synergy: Electronic Realizations For Rock Orchestra: Passport Records 9167 98009
Livingston, NJ
Larry Fast: programming
Produced by Marty Scott 1975
Recorded at House of Music, West Orange NJ by Larry Fast
Mastered at Sterling Sound, NYC by Robert Ludwig

Lawrence Roger 'Larry' Fast (b. Essex County, NJ December 10, 1951)

He was introduced to Rick Wakeman, the keyboard player from the band Yes, and traveled to the UK to work with Yes on their 1974 album Tales from Topographic Oceans. It was there that he got a recording contract with Passport Records.

He’s worked on albums by Tony Levin Band, Bonny Tyler, Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel.
Released ten Synergy albums between 1975 and 2002. This was his from his first one.

15. Fire Engines: Get Up And Use Me (Burn / Henderson / Main / Slade)
Lubricate Your Living Room: Pop-Aurel Records ACC 001
Edinburgh, Scotland
Russell Burn: drums
David Henderson: guitar, vocals
Graham Main: bass
Murray Slade: guitar
Produced by Bob Last 1980
Recorded 5 October 1980

(subtitled 'Background Music for Action People!')

The hayday of this band was between 1979–1981. The band split up on 31 December 1981. In August 2017 the band reformed to play a benefit.

16. Edmundo Ros and Orchestra: Chocolate Whiskey and Vanilla Gin  (Mysels / Hilliard)
Calypsos: London LL 1091
London UK
Edmundo Ros: orchestra leader
Produced 1955

b. Port of Spain, Trinidad December 7, 1910 - d. Alicante, Spain 21 October 2011

In 1937 he went to London  to study harmony, composition and orchestration at the Royal Academy of Music.
August 1940: Ros formed his own orchestra, performing as Edmundo Ros and His Rumba Band
1941 recorded their first record
By 1946 Ros owned a club, a dance school, a record company and an artistes' agency. His band grew to 16 musicians and was renamed Edmundo Ros and His Orchestra
He gave his last public performance on 8 January 1994.

Hour Two

1.   Ultravox: Mximum Acceleration
Ultravox!: Island Records ILPS 9449
London UK
John Foxx: lead vocal
Stevie Shears: guitar
Warren Cann: drums, vocals
Billie Currie: violin, keys
Chris Cross: bass, vocals
Produced by Brian Eno, Ultravox! and Steve Lillywhite 1977
Recorded by Terry Barham at Island Studios, Hammersmith UK, Autumn 1976

Band formed in London in 1973 as Tiger Lily.
Steve Lillywhite has been credited on over 500 records, and has collaborated with a variety of musicians including U2, the Rolling Stones, Dave Matthews Band, Steel Pulse, Peter Gabriel, Talking Heads, Morrissey, the Killers, Kirsty MacColl, the Pogues, David Byrne, Big Country, Blue October, XTC, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Simple Minds, the Psychedelic Furs, Phish, Counting Crows and Joan Armatrading. He has won six Grammy Awards

2.   Robert Fripp & League of Gentlemen: Eye Needles (R Fripp)
League of Gentlement Polydor PD 1-6317
London UK
Barry Andrews, organ
Robert Fripp, guitar
Sara Lee, bass
Johnny Toobad, drums
Produced by Robert Fripp - 1981
Recorded by Tony Arnold at Arny's Shack, Parkstone, Dorset UK

3.   Guess Who: Laughing (Burton Cummings / Randy Bachman)
Canned Wheat: RCA Victor LSP 4157
Winnipeg MB
Randy Bachman: guitar
Burton Cummings: keys, vocals
Garry Peterson: percussion
Jim Kale: bass
Produced by Jack Richardson 1969
Recorded by John Woram & Dick Baxter at RCAs Studio A, New York City

4.   David Bromberg: Bandit In A Bathing Suit (David Bromberg)
Bandit In A Bathing Suit: Fantasy Records  F-9555
Tarrytown NY
David Bromberg: guitar, slide, vocal
Dick Fegy: guitars
Produced by David Bromberg & Hugh McDonald  1978
Recorded & Mixed by Phil Kaffel at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley CA
Mastered by John Golden at Kendun Recorders, Burbank CA

born September 19, 1945 Philadelphia
Back up guitarist on Mr Bojangles by Kris Kristopherson
Co-wrote The Holdup with George Harrison who played on Bromberg’s first album
Studied guitar with Reverend Gary Davis

5.   Downeast Partners: Smoke Along The Track (Alan Rose / Don Helms)
Bluegrass Collection Vol. 1: Prime Time Records ACR 12822
Moncton NB
Bob Glidden: dobro, guitar, mandolin
Bob Coughlan: lead vocal, guitar
Calvin Deleavey: bass
Jean Belliveau:  guitar, mandolin
Produced by Gary Morris 1987
Recorded at Prime Time Sound, Sussex NB by Gary Morris

This song was originally a hit for Stonewall Jackson.  Formed 1986, this was the group’s first of two albums.

6.   Wilno Express: Mike Culhain of Rockingham (Barney McCafferey) 1980 *
All Over The Tracks: World Records WRC1-1568
Wilno / Killaloe ON
Clark Geuttel – guitar, bass, percussion, pennywhistle, tuba
Barney McCafferey – accordion, vocals
Ish Theilheimer – fiddle, bass, mandolin
Rubber Lips – harmonica
Frank Rhode – conga, bongos, beer bottle
John Steel – stand up bass
Kevin Park – police car
Produced by Alan Geuttel 1981
Recorded by Brian Park at Silver Lake, ON
Mastered at Lacquer Channel, Toronto

7.  Loggins & Messina: Nobody But You (Jim Messina)
Sittin In: Colulmbia Records C 31044
Los Angeles CA
Kenny Loggins: guitar, harmonica, vocals
Jim Messina: guitar, vocals
Larry Sims: bass
Merel Bregante: drums
Jon Clarke: saxes, oboe, steel drum
Lester A Garth: sax
Michael Omartian: keys
Milt Holland: percussion
Produced by Jim Messina  1971
Recorded by John Fiore
Mixed & Mastered by Alex Kazenegras

Jim Messina, formerly of Poco and Buffalo Springfield b. California December 5, 1947 (age 67)
Kenneth Clark Loggins December 5, 1947 (age 67) was a songwriter. His first LP was being produced by Messina and thus, they became a duo. Sold 16 million records

8.   Gene Autry: Back In The Saddle Again (Gene Autry / R Whitley)
Cowboy Hall Of Fame: Republic Records R-6012
Studio City, CA
Gene Autry: vocal, guitar
Produced by Carl Cotner 1976
Recorded by Brian Friedman

Orvon Grover Autry ( b. Tioga, TX September 29, 1907 d. October 2, 1998 Studio City, CA)

This album was actually produced in 1967 but re-released in 76 with the Collector’s Edition which featured the full length verion of Back in the Saddle Again. The original LP had a 16 second Back In The Saddle intro which was replaced on this edition with the entire song.

9.   Jude Johnson: Rhythm In My Soul (Jude Johnson) 1986 *
Flirtin’: Cole Harbour Music CHM002
Hamilton ON
Jude Johnson: vocals, chakers
D Houghton: percussion, Simmons
Brian Vallee: shakers
Produced by Jude Johnson 1984
Recorded by George Ason at Axon Music Productions, Toronto

Jude (Judith Marian) Johnson b. Hamilton ON 6 Jan 1954

Johnson has sung on over 50 recordings as back-up to such artists as Raffi and Stan Rogers, and has released eight solo recordings. In 1992 Johnson received the Canada 125 medal and was named Hamilton's Woman of the Year in the Arts; the following year she was honoured with the Hamilton Arts Award.

My copy of the record is second hand with “To Neil: The next mayor. Love and music. Jude. Jan 86.”

10. The Move: Brontesaurus (Roy Wood)
Looking On: Capitol EMI Records ST658
Birmingham UK
Roy Wood: obie, sitar, slide guitar, cello, guitar, bass, saxes
Jeff Lynne: piano, guitar
Bev Bevan: drums
Rick Price: bass
Produced by Roy Wood and Jeff Lynne 1970
Recorded at Advision Studios and Philips Studios, London

11. Walter Ostanek Band: Could I Have This Dance (W Holyfield / B House)
Little Bird Dance: Boot Records BOS 7228
St Catherines ON
Walter Ostanek: accordions
Stan Szymkow: sax
Ken Senko: banjo, electric guitar
Rob Secord: drums
Richard Ostanek: bass
Murray McFadgen: vocals, guitar
Produced by Walter Ostanek and Rod Morrison 1982
Recorded at Earthland Studio, Niagara Falls ON by Rod Morrison

12. Don Brose & The Chords: Knocking On Heavens Door (Bob Dylan)
50th Anniversary Collectors Item: Ram Records C 137
North Bay ON
Bob Brose: vocals
John Ranger: keys
Bill Baines: bass, guitar
John Joe Vendetti: drums d. August 4, 2012
Produced by John Ranger - 1975
Recorded by Ken Fraser at Ram Studios, North Bay

Don Brose is now President of the North Bay Musicians Hall of Fame

13. The Fugs: Life Is Strange (Tuli Kupferburg)
It Crawled Into My Hand, Honest Reprise 6305
New York City
Ed Sanders, vocals  Kansas City, Missouri August 17, 1939
Ken Weaver, vocal, drums   Galveston Island, Texas
Tuli Kupferberg, vocals (b & d NYC September 28, 1923 July 12, 2010)
Ken Pine, guitar
Charles Larkey, bass
Bob Mason, drums
Produced by Ed Sanders 1968
Recorded by Richard Alderson at Impact Sound, NYC

14. Beginners Guide To Endings: I Found Out (Chris Koster)
45 rpm single bw Everybody’s Got Something Toi Hide: Seventh Fire Records - SFR007
Kingston ON
Chris Koster, guitar
Keith Cahill, bass
Curtis Weekes, drums
Produced by Gord Sinclair - 2012
Recorded at Bathouse Studios, Bath ON

15. Vincente Gómez Quintet: Blood And Sand (Torero) (Vincente Gomez)
Blood And Sand: Decca Records DL 74629
Los Angeles CA
Graciella Paraga: vocal
Vincente Gómez: guitar
Produced 1965

Vicente Gómez (b. Madrid Spain 8 July 1911 – 23 December 2001)

One of Gómez' students was Ricky Nelson.

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